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New Homeportal For Children in Aquastar Swimming Lessons at Teme Ludlow


Teme Ludlow is pleased to launch the 2nd phase of our expansion to our learn to swim programme, The Homeportal.

Homeportal is a unique login account to provide you with access to your child or childrens progress throughout our lessons.

The Homeportal website will allow you to:

  • View badges that have been awarded to your child
  • View badges that are required within your child's group 
  • View badges that they are working on next 
  • See easily a percentage that your child has completed which will indicate how close they are to moving up
  • View feedback automatically updated after each class
  • Manage multiple pupils within the same account
  • Secure registration for data protection

You require your child's unique member number which can be found on any email or letter correspondence. If you require assistance registering or logging in please contact Nicky Stewardson on (01584) 813781 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Click here to visit the Homeportal login Page