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Teme Leisure

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Here it is .... our new much longed and waited for Sports Hall Floor at Teme Ludlow  We are back open and bookings in there taking place. **NEW BOOKINGS NOW BEING TAKEN** We do have some free slots, however (daytime and evening), so if you are a club looking for a venue or a group of friends wanting a regular badminton court or 5-a-side session drop us an Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we can let you know what availability we have. 


14 Days Unlimited Use of Gym, Swimming and Classes at all our Centres For JUST £14! Or £10 For Teme Cleobury Only £12 for Teme SpArC Only £12 for Teme Church Stretton Only

FREE and Available for Members ONLY***No Booking Required**

Specials available now from the Cafe at Teme Ludlow