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A means for GPs and health professionals to refer appropriate patients to a qualified exercise specialist. The specialist devises and delivers a 12 week tailored exercise programme for the patient, at a reduced price.

Patients who fit the following criteria qualify for the scheme:

  • Aged 16 years or over
  • No contra-indications to exercise
  • With any of these medical conditions
    • Weight loss
    • Asthma
    • Hypertension
    • Diabetes
    • Osteoporosis
    • Arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Post phase IV Cardiac rehab
    • Joint injury rehabilitation
    • Chronic fatigue syndrome / myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)
    • Cancer- following treatment and remission
    • Mental health

Research shows that increasing the amount of physical activity you do can make significant improvements to your health, well being and lifestyle. Regular physical activity has been proven to have the following benefits;

  • Decreases the risk of heart disease
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Controls body weight and decreases body fat
  • Improves strength, co-ordination, mobility and balance
  • Reduces risk of cancer
  • Enhances immune system
  • Improves mental well being and reduces the risk of depression
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases energy levels
  • Controls diabetes
  • Prevents and treats muscle and bone injuries and diseases.

Clients can be referred onto the scheme by their local GP, practice nurse or health professional. Most GP practises in the area will have the appropriate forms available, however, they can be provided upon request if necessary from Teme Leisure centres (see below)

Upon receipt of the referral form, the exercise instructor will contact you to arrange an assessment. A tailored exercise programme will then be put together by the instructor, for you to follow over the 10-12 week exercise block. Sessions are always supervised by the instructor.

For specific advice and information about the exercise classes, assessment procedures and suitability for the scheme contact;

Teme Leisure at;

Ludlow 01584 874620

Cleobury 01299 271317

or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Accredited by Active 4 health NHS Shropshire, Instructors registered with Register of Exercise professionals (REP’s)