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Group Exercise Classes give you the chance to socialise as well as get fit and have fun. All classes are taken by qualified instructors who will give you the advice and motivation needed to meet your goals.

Teme Leisure offer an extensive range of classes at all our Centres. There is a class to suit everyone's needs, from Yoga to Boxercise, Studio Cycling to Pilates, Body Conditiong to Aerobics and many more.

Teme Leisure Exercise Class Descriptions

Les Mills Body Pump 

The Full-body Weights Workout, Bodypump Is For Anyone Looking To Get Lean, Toned And Fit Fast

Aerobics Gold 

A Fun Class Designed For The More Mature Adult. Dance Style Routines Are Choreographed To Music.

Aqua Aerobics 

A pool based class using water, dumbbells and woggles as resistance and music as inspiration to burn calories and improve strength and mobility in this high energy, fun class

Fitness Pilates 

Increasesmuscular balance and strength and improves posture, core and back strength.

Strength and Conditioning 

Use dumbbells, bands, bars and body weight to build strength and condition your muscles

Studio Cycling 

Take Your Fitness To A New Level With This Fun Packed Class Using Music As The Inspiration. Using Speed Movement And Resistance To Give You A Varied Workout

Hiit Training 

A  High Intensity Class Using The Latest Interval Training To Improve Your Fitness And Increase Your Metabolism

Body Conditioning

Using weights, steps, bars, bands to offer you a varied class to help tone your whole body

Kettle Body Blast 

Use the Kettle bell to build strength and improve your fitness with a wide variety of strength and cardio exercises


Is a focused form of exercise the strengthens your core, improves balance and mobility with controlled repetitive exercises

Mobility and Stretch 

This Class Will Use Dynamic Stretching, Stability And Mobility Exercises To Improve Flexibility And Mobility For The Whole Body, less zen more Ben 

Legs, Bums and Tums 

Legs Bums & Tums Body Blast Target Those Problem Areas With This Class As Well Having A Cardio Workout!!!


More Than A Dance Class - The Class Integrates Cardio, Toning, Combat And Plyometric Moves To Increase Fitness Levels, With Easy To Follow Dance Moves Giving High And Low Impact Options, Making The Class Suitable For Everyone!!

Reps and Sets 

Try to beat yourself in this high repetition class, work the whole body with set exercises for a specific time or repetition


Aerobics routines are choreographed to music to get your heart pumping, calories burnt and have fun

Yoga/yoga flow 

An ancient form of exercise which incorporates breath control, meditation and postures to promote physical and mental well being

Static Circuits 

Pre set exercises for a required time put together to give you an all over workout.

Primal Bootcamp 

 Incorporates strength training, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility in a fun, creative and challenging workout that can be performed by people of all levels of ability

Fitness Pilates Gold 

Aimed At The More Mature Adult. Fitness Pilates Gold Uses The Fundamental Techniques And Exercises Of Pilates To Offset Musculoskeletal Imbalances By Strengthening The Core Muscles With Slow And Repetitive Movements.

Bounce and Tone

Bounce is a fun and energetic class on a mini trampoline, choreographed to music and including core and toning exercise to finish.


Trx is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

We welcome everyone at Teme Leisure . You can choose to join our Membership Scheme, whereby if you plan to use any of our faciltieis twice a week or more, it works out cheaper for you. However if you simply want to pay per session, you are very welcome. Please find information below on how you can use each of our faciltiies 

Swimming Sessions

We do not take bookings for any of our Swimming Sessions. So if you fancy a lane swim session or a swim with your family, check out our Timetable and just come along. You can pay at Reception

Exercise Classes and Spa Sessions 

We do advise you pre book for all of our Exercise Classes at both of our Centres and also Spa sessions at Teme Ludlow. We control numbers to ensure there is adaquate space,  some classes can be fully booked as can some of our Spa sessions, so we advise to check this before coming along. You can check availability and book online via our Leisurehub site. Casual pay as you go users can easily create an account by hitting the ' Im new ' button. If you have a Teme Leisure card you will need to use the ' I Have a Teme Leisure Card' button. 

Follow instructions on screen. If you expreince any issues registering for an account please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in. 

Fitness Suite

Again, no booking is requried to use any of our Gym areas. If you havent been to us before, we will require you to sign a disclaimer or book in to see one of our Fitness Instructors for an Induction.  

We provide a Pay As You Go option at all of our Centres . However if you plan to use any of our facilities twice or more per week, becoming a member as it is the cheaper way to pay.

Joining is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Just pop into one of our Centres where a member of our team can answer any questions you have and show you around. 

Our Membership Categories, Prices and further information can be found here


Ludlow Fitness Classes Timetable

Cleobury Fitness Classes Timetable